Glass Bag Collection's Monthly Calendar

Monthly Collections: Once-Off Collections:
Please note that collection days are subject to change depending on the number of collections in a certain day. Thanks for understanding.

We will send out a text reminder every evening before your collection date as a reminder of the collection day (as expressed in this calendar).

If you do not receive this text, please email to ensure we have the correct number on file.
We are currently servicing Once-Off collections on the same day as outlined in this calendar. However, we are flexible on this so just get in touch.

It is very important that you email with your name, address  and order number to ensure we include you in the list for that day.
Notes: Some of our collections will take place in the evening time (due to noise) so please don't worry if the collection takes place at a later time than expected. Please inform us if you live in a gated community which requires a keycode to enter or other special instructions pertaining to the collection.

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