frequently asked questions

Glassbag.ie is a glass collection service aimed at residential households and businesses whom find it hard to recycle their glass waste.

After signing up though our website you will receive a date of collection for each month. Simply fill the bag up with your bottles (make sure the Velcro strap can close over) and leave the bag out the night before your collection date. We will come by in the morning and leave the bag back on your doorstep.

We have 4 different options available depending on what best suits your needs. Go to our Pricing Page to see the options.

Navigate to our Pricing Page on the site and select the plan you wish to make use of. Then fill in your details and it will create an account.

We offer 4 different options depending on how often you need your glass collected. There is a Once-Off collection for €14 and then a monthly option for €10). We also have the option to pay annually upfront that works out at €8 per month. And then for any bulk-orders or business enquires you can get in touch via the Contact Us page.

We collect your glass once a month but we can facilitate additional collections per month if required. Please get in touch with our team via the Contact Us page.

We are currently operating all across Dublin at this time and can also facilitate collections in other counties outside Dublin. Please get in touch if you are outside Co. Dublin area.

The bag is quite large. It can hold up 15kg of glass which roughly translates into around 50 or so beer bottles or 21 bottles of wine. You don’t need to fill it to the brim but we made it extra big just in-case.

All types of MIXED COLOUR bottles, jars and other non-broken glasses. Basically, if you would put it in a bottle bank, you can put in your bag.

We will send you a confirmation email after the order is placed with the collection date. Please feel free to get in touch if this does not suit.

We made sure that our bags are completely re-usable and so you ideally won’t need another bag. If something happens, please get in touch.

Please wash the bottles as much as you can. It will be your bag for the next while so the cleaner the better.

Please get in touch with us at info@glassbag.ie if you wish to cancel the service.

No problem - please get in touch with us at info@glassbag.ie and we get you onto the right plan FOC.

No worries – all additional bags are charged at half price.

That’s okay. Please get in touch with us over at info@glassbag.ie and we will arrange a collection within 48 hours.

No worries – you can bring the bag with you to your new home but please make sure to let us know about the change of address. Contact us at info@glassbag.ie

Get in touch!