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Glassbag.ie is a glass collection service aimed at giving households and businesses an easier
option for recycling their glass waste.

Firstly, you need to select the option that best suits your needs. Once you have signed up, you can use an existing storage container or bag (I.e. IKEA, Dunnes, etc) to store your glass. We will then come to collect on the day specified by your EIRCODE and leave with you with one of our glass bags for any future collections that will take place.

Our service is affordable, and we make it possible to choose options that suit your consumption levels the best. Check our pricing pagefor more information.

You can sign up very easily via our pricing page. Once you select the option best suited for you, just follow the checkout process and review the email confirmation for more information

Great! You don’t need to do anything now. We will automatically schedule you on the nearest or next day for your area based on your Eircode. If you’re a new customer, use your own bag/container and we will leave you back with a bag in case you need another collection! Any questions? Email – collect@glassbag.ie

We typically will
collect glass in each area once a month. We collect from monthly subscribers in
accordance with our collection calendar:
https://glassbag.ie/pages/glass-bag-collections-monthly-calendar and will also
try and schedule Once-Off collections on the same day. This is flexible so
please get in touch if have a specific request.

We currently service all areas of Dublin and we also service areas in Meath, Kildare and Wicklow. Please get in touch if you need further information on the specific areas we can cover.

Our bags are quite large. It can hold up 15kg of glass which roughly translates into around 60 or so beer bottles and 22 bottles of wine. You don’t need to fill it to the brim, but we made it extra big just in-case.

All types of mixed color bottles, jars and other non-broken glasses. Basically, if you would put it in a bottle bank, you can put in your bag.

We made sure that our bags are completely re-usable and so you ideally won’t need another bag. If something happen, please get in touch via info@glassbag.ie .

We will send you a confirmation email after the order is placed with the collection date. Please feel free to get in touch if this does not suit.

Please wash the bottles as much as you can. It will be your bag for the next while so the cleaner the better.

Please get in touch with us at info@glassbag.ie if you wish to cancel the service.

No problem - please get in touch with us at info@glassbag.ie and we will see what we can do.

No worries at all. We charge €2 per month if you want to sign up for the month and €20 per year if you sign up for the year.

That’s okay. Please get in touch with us over at info@glassbag.ieand we will try and arrange a collection as soon as possible!

That is not a problem with Glassbag.ie – you can bring the bag with you to your new home but please make sure to let us know about the change of address. Contact us at info@glassbag.ie

Get in touch!

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